Please email us at [email protected] to tell us more about what you wish to contribute to our work.  There is a wide range of different types of work within a waterway restoration charity, though as a very new and small organisation we are still getting our organisation established.  If we can slot you in, and set you some useful work to do, straight away, please don’t be surprised that we do.  We might have to respond to thank you for offering but to ask you to give us a little time to think through and decide how best to utilise the skills you are offering.  We will be grateful for any offers of relevant help and we will acknowledge them provided you give us a paper mail or email address or mobile phone number to respond to.

If you are willing to help but would like to attend one of our regular meetings, please let us know. We have used Zoom for nearly all of our meetings since October 2020, and with our current board of trustees spread across Surrey, Wiltshire and Leicestershire, we expect that most of our meetings in the future will also be done by zoom.   Please accept our assurance that a simple push button phone is all that is necessary to join a zoom meeting – a computer with microphone, speakers and camera is not required.