About Landowners

Within the Wessex Waterways Restoration Trust we are confident that there is no requirement on us from the authorities whereby we are constrained to only work on locations where the landowner has committed in writing to permit public access.

While we would prefer the public to be able to view and appreciate our work – especially when it is completed – we consider it perfectly in order for us to maintain sections of the canal and to restore and maintain further structures and sections as steps on the way to two completed canals.

We will be grateful to those landowners who trust us and who allow us access to restore parts of the canal within their ownership, though obviously we need continuing access to enable work to restore structures to be completed and to be maintained. We would normally be willing to start work on a simple exchange of letters if that is acceptable to the landowner concerned. Funding agencies might request more formal arrangements, in which case we would discuss these with the landowner concerned with the aim of reaching a resolution that enables restoration and maintenance work to proceed.

4 June 2018
Luke Walker