Many years ago, WBCT Trustee Vic Miller had his driveway re-surfaced, and the old brindle blocks were stacked outside his home for a local charity to collect.  Vic asked that charity several times….but the brindle blocks didn’t move.  Luke knew, back then, of an area beside the lock chamber at Dauntsey Lock where those brindle blocks could be used to achieve a much tidier appearance.  Vic agreed for the blocks to be collected, and for many years they have been stacked behind a row of garages at Dauntsey Lock.  There has been some vegetation growth over those years – the first photo shows the impenetrable bramble.
Wessex Waterways was recently able to buy a new flexi-drive brushcutter which is well capable of cutting through this sort of jungle, so by the end of the day the stacks of brindle blocks were accessible and a few wheelbarrow loads were moved across the road.  The blocks were neatly stacked near to where they will be used.
Our thanks to go Vic (sadly he has now passed away), and to Rachael for providing the secure storage on her land.  Also thanks to George Eycott for the use of his half of the landrover that he and Luke jointly owned some years ago – and which made the several round trips to move the blocks from outside Vic’s home.  Worthy of a mention is Ken Whapples of Birmingham who helped load and unload the blocks back then.